All of the services presented on this website are available only for the clients over 18 years old.

I wear the underwear only if you choose the Swedish massage. If you want to see me naked please choose any other massage offer.

Depends from the offer you choose. Its not allowed only when you choose Swedish Massage.

It depends from the massage you choose. For example nuru massage includes almost all of the sexual practices. 

Completely. We work with clients from all walks of life and at different stages of sexual openness. Confidentiality is paramount. Discretion is guaranteed, so even if the masseur meets you on the street, they will smile at you but will not approach you.

I only accept cash payments.

In the future, the selection of massage therapists will certainly be greater. We are a new company and currently only have one employee.

The exact address will be sent to the client immediately after scheduling the appointment. My flat studio is located on West Ealing – London. Nearest station is 8 minutes walk from the West Ealing Station (Elisabeth Line).

The best way to contact the masseur is by sending an SMS message or WHAT’S UP message to the phone number provided in the contact section.